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Welcome to Chrono Ma:Gia Wiki!


Chrono Ma:gia is a game created by video game developer GungHo Online Entertainment. Initially announced in Shonen Sunday on February 13th, 2018, Chrono Ma:gia was officially released globally on April 10th, 2018. It is a competitive online card game developed by Daisuke Yamamoto and GungHo Online Entertainment.

Where to Start

New players are encouraged to read the Beginner's Guide.
Decklists can be found at the Decklists page.
Information on Gifted characters can be found at the Gifted page.

Blog Posts

Helpful Members of the Chrono Ma:gia Discord contribute to the CM Wiki Blog! Check out their tips, decklists, strategies and other posts at the Blog Home page!

For a visitor of this wiki

Please excuse our mess! The wiki is still very much under construction. If you have suggestions or recommendations on what you'd like to see in the Wiki or you've spotted an error, please drop us a message on the Chrono Ma:gia Discord server!

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